free_fool (Liz) (free_fool) wrote in downassbitches,
free_fool (Liz)

Tegan and Sara

Hi. I know this is probably annoying to you, but here goes: I am selling a brand new copy of Tegan and Sara's cd "This Business of Art." Its so new that the white label is still on the top. I will throw in a cdr of melissa ferricks newest cd or something. I have a lot of diff. grrrl rock...

I had some money recently, so I walked over to Virgin megastore and bought it. I didn't like it (Sorry!) And now I'm broke, so here it is. email me, I have proof and good feedbacks on other sites for reference. I just want to get rid of this cd and buy some soup or something...

Email me with an offer. win some por cel ina a t y a ho... dot commmmmmmmm (no spaces, figure it out, sorry I had to write it that way)

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